DPAP and DDP Schemes :-

In Telangana, the Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) and Desert Development Programme (DDP) are being implemented since 1995 in 7 districts. Watershed programmes are implemented in Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy, Medak, Adilabad, Khammam,Warangal and Nalgonda districts under DPAP.

Traditionally, the watershed approach was aimed at treating degraded lands with the help of low costs and locally accessed technologies such as in-situ soil & moisture conservation, afforestation etc by involving village communities in the implementation of watershed programme under DPAP and DDP to promote overall development of poorer sections of people inhabiting in the programme areas.

The approach basically followed was project based Ridge to Valley concept with the minimum unit of area being 500 hectares.

The Watersheds Programme is being implemented in 94 Blocks in DPAP and in 16 Blocks in DDP. So far Government of India has Sanctioned 3882 Watersheds under DPAP and 906 under DDP covering an area of 19.41 lakh hectares and 4.53 lakh hectares respectively.

Funding Pattern :-

The Government of India is funding for sanction of Watersheds with 75% share and State Government with 25% share. The period of the project is for 5 years and the unit cost norm is Rs 6000 per hectare.

Activities :-

  • Development of water harvesting structures such as low cost farm ponds, nalla bunds, Check dams, Percolation tanks and groundwater recharge measures to conserve and allow percolation of water.
  • Desilting of village tanks for drinking/Irrigation/Fisheries development
  • Afforestation including block plantations, Agro-forestry and Horticulture development, Pasture development.
  • Land development including in-situ soil and moisture conservation measures like contour and graded bunds, nursery raising for fodder, timber, fuel wood, horticulture and non-timber forest product species
  • Drainage line treatment with a combination of vegetative and engineering structures
  • Crop demonstrations for popularizing new crops/varieties
  • Repair, restoration and up-gradation of existing common property assets and structures in the watershed to obtain optimum and sustained benefits from previous public investments.
  • Promotion and propagation of non-conventional energy saving devices, energy conservation measures, Bio-fuel plantations.
Benefits :-
  1. Developing degraded lands
  2. Overall socio-economic development of poor/disadvantage sections
  3. Mitigating Drought conditions
  4. Employment generation and poverty alleviation.
Achievements so far :-

Under DPAP/DDP programme so far 1814 (Up to IVth Batch) watersheds were implemented with an amount of Rs. 355.56 Crores and treated about an area of 9.07 Lakh hectares. Presently 3482 ongoing watersheds are under implementation and about 17.41 Lakh hectares of area being treated.

Integrated Wasteland Development Programme (IWDP) :-

Integrated Waste land Development Programme is being implemented in 7 districts of Telangana. The scheme is under implementation in non-DPAP blocks of DPAP districts and in all non-DPAP districts. The objective of the programme is to enable for checking of land degradation, sustainable and increased productivity of land based on Watershed concept with people participation.

  • Total no of projects-------------101 ( 1499 watersheds )
  • Ongoing projects-----------------83 ( 1078 watersheds )
  • Completed projects---------------18 ( 421 watersheds )
  • Total no of blocks---------------155
  • Total no of districts------------7
  • Area covered (Ha)----------------7.48 lack Hectares

During the year 2010 -11 upto July-2010, out of the available funds of Rs. 4786.71 Lakhs, an amount of Rs.1549.16 Lakhs has been incurred as expenditure.

Objectives of the programme :-

  • Checking of land degradation
  • Sustainable and increased productivity of land
  • Beneficiary and people participation in implementation of the program
Achievements :-

  • Out of 1499 watersheds, 421 watersheds are completed and 1078 watersheds covering 83 projects are as ongoing watersheds.
  • The total area for treatment under IWDP is 5.39 Lakhs hectares in 1078 ongoing watersheds in 7 Districts.
  • During the year 2010 -11 upto July-2010, out of the available funds of Rs. 4786.71 Lakhs, an amount of Rs.1549.16 Lakhs has been incurred as expenditure.